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    Another Kindle Deal :: N. T. Wright's Scripture and the Authority of God

    Last Friday I shared that N. T. Wright's Surprised by Hope is now $2.99 on Kindle (this deal is still active!).

    Yesterday, I discoverd another one of his works, Scripture and the Authority of God: How to Read the Bible Today, is also $2.99.

    N. T. Wright's approach to the authority of Scripture is unique, and worth discussion and debate. This book is a valuable read. Wright examines the "Word of God" as understood by the Apostolic Church, the reading and interpreting of Scripture through the first sixteen centuries, the effect of the Reformation, the challenge of the Enlightenment period, and our contemporary problems with the Bible. He also proposes a way forward.

    This book is refreshing to some and disturbing to others, regardless of theological outlook or persuasion. 

    Check it out.


    Tim Keel on Rest

    Sleep, rest, and sabbath. We lack these things. We need these things.

    Tim Keel, in a series of sermons called "A Good Life" offers a compelling reason why we can and should rest. Rest has been made possible in and through Christ.

    I found this to be helpful medicine. Have a listen.


    A Blessing for the Home

    The Irish poet and priest John O'Donohue is best known for his work in popularizing Celtic spirituality. His writing is beautiful. Recently, I picked up To Bless the Space Between Us: A Book of Blessings, and found this worth sharing.

    For a New Home

    May this house shelter your life.
    When you come home here,
    May the weight of the world
    Fall from your shoulders.

    May your heart be tranquil here,
    Blessed by peace the world cannot give.

    May this home be a lucky place,
    Where the graces your life desires
    Always find the pathway to your door.

    May nothing destructive
    Ever cross your threshold.

    May this be a safe place
    Full of understanding and acceptance,
    Where you can be as you are,
    Without the need of any mask
    Of pretense or image.

    May this home be a place of discovery,
    Where the possibilities that sleep
    In the clay of your soul can emerge
    To deepen and refine your vision
    For all that is yet to come to birth.

    May it be a house of courage,
    Where healing and growth are loved;
    Where dignity and forgiveness prevail;
    A home where patience of spirit is prized,
    And the sight of the destination is never lost
    Though the journey be difficult and slow.
    May there be great delight around this hearth.
    May it be a house of welcome
    For the broken and diminished.

    May you have the eyes to see
    That no visitor arrives without a gift
    And no guest leaves without a blessing. 

    If you are a designer friend, I would love to see these words paired with a graphic or layout that would do it justice.

    I'd love to have this reminder on my walls.


    N.T. Wright's Surprised by Hope is $2.99 on Kindle

    This book challenged my thinking on the resurrection, and why it matters. And this is too good a deal not to pass along.

    Easter is drawing nigh. You would do well to focus your energy and attention on what N.T. Wright, arguably our era's most important New Testament historian, has to say. This book is full of challenges and fresh insight that stretched my own thinking, pushed me back to the biblical narrative, and encouraged me to work for peace and justice in the present as a disciple of Jesus.

    I'm not sure how long this deal will last. Even if your reading list at the moment is lenghty, this is a great title to put on the shelf.

    Surprised by Hope. Check it out.


    Mike Tyson = Balrog. Another Street Fighter Parody.

    I'm clearly collecting this kind of stuff.

    Check out more Street Fighter related humor here and here and here. Got more? Hit me up.